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We want to offer our readers a pleasurable experience when they visit our blog. We hope to inspire people and allow them to join in our family life. Our ideas are our own unless otherwise stated and we don't ever wish to copy but appreciate that there are many out there who may also have ideas and themes that are similar to us. 

With regards to sponsorship and gifting, unless stated, products that we mention, use and photograph are bought by ourselves. Things that we buy ourselves, we give honest opinions, thoughts and views on what we think about them.

We are happy to display other products/ideas/venues/entertainment as long as it suits our style of blog. We are interested in working with others but will need to be compensated or sponsored if high levels of advertisement are needed.

We enjoy sharing our thoughts and views with you but please be sure, these are our own thoughts and views. We speak on no other behalves and things we experience and share are truthful.

This Policy for Brick Dust & Glitter is valid from 11.11.14

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