Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Stepping out in new season JOULES

It's a brand that is a fail safe, and time after time they are creating great items for the entire family which just make dressing easy. As always, as soon as new season JOULES hits we were offered our chance to try some out. This post is a special one though as this is the first corresponding post to YouTube I have done. If you head to my CHANNEL you will find a full video of our look and here you will find pictures and the direct links to the items. It's quite novel really; hard work but great getting content for the blog and youtube that matches perfectly.

JOULES, as always is offering perfect pieces for everyday wear. For us, their brand is great for weekends. They have this classy, practical feature that reigns through lots of their clothes; easy wearing, durable, fashionable and everything fits nicely and is not too clingy making me feel that weather we are shopping in town or hiking through fields the same look can be worn to either.

For me, I especially like the kids' clothes; they always just seem to wear amazingly well and often they are the only brand that produce good striped tees!

Where Rob is concerned he is so trim that really he is an extra small but Joules tops always seem to hang nicely so for him it's a win.

The other thing I want to point out is something that I think is vitally important when buying clothes now and that is that they wash well and they last. Wash after wash, these clothes show no signs of wear and I think that is why you always find them on selling sites, because they really do last well for the money you pay. {I always think that is an important point to make}.

These outfits particularly are perfect for the end of summer. Evenings are getting just slightly cooler but you still want to give off a summery feel by not wearing too many layers. The introduction of navy blues and berry colours is perfect for beginning the change to autumn colours and the children's gilets are a great way to take an extra layer without it always having to be something big.

Pulling out the Autumn boots is always something I love doing. They are one of my favourite items and actually the JOULES Chelsea boot is becoming a cult classic that everyone wants to get their hands on each year!

for us our look is casual, comfortable but ready to tackle a day of fun and laughter.


Shop all the new season styles now at JOULES and want to see our clothes in another way? Check out our YouTube VIDEO!

* Thank you to Joules for gifting these items in return for a video and blog.

Monday, 21 August 2017

A Cornish Break {Where you must visit}

It brings back the same feelings every time. The early wake up call is when it hits. If I can make it that long, I usually barely sleep knowing that at 3am we will be up and into the car making way south to miss all the holiday traffic. As a teen we would do this every year. August would hit and the caravan would be packed and ready to go to Cornwall for the annual summer holiday. 
Last year we took a weekend and joined my family in their break as they went in September when Raph was back at school. This year however we got a whole week staying on a campsite that I stayed on when I was younger and spending long days on some of our favourite beaches.
We stay at Yonder Green Caravan Park which is a great site for families who are out lots. It is not one of these big parks with playgrounds and facilities, but that's why we like it. Just a traditional toilet and shower block and then washing up area so staying here is for people who want to be a bit more secluded. WE do. We like it to be quieter and just more about the camping.

 We are off every day anyway so don't need other facilities for the kind of holiday we have. It is also only 10 minutes from Padstow which is a beautiful town and so worth visiting. It also has a Tesco so shops are not far.
We have stayed here mostly in our travelling down to Cornwall as it is more central to the beaches we like to surf at.

 There are 3 main beaches that I love to get to, and actually, I only want to be on these beaches most of the time: Watergate Bay, Polzeath and Boobies bay. I think the top of the list is Boobies Bay {yes it is actually called that} because this is just the most picturesque beach. You do have to climb down a rock face to get there so it is not pushchair friendly but once you are down, you realise it is worth it. Because of the tide times when we were there we only got one day to have the opportunity to get there as the water comes up over the rocks and means that the beach gets 'red flagged' as it is too dangerous to be in the water. The day we went we only got about an hour and a half in there but every minute was worth it. That was the day also, that our kids were most happy in the water and it was the last day of the holiday. Seems strange talking about our last day first but I suppose as this beach is my favourite I wanted to spend the most time writing about it.

Boobies Bay is one of the most peaceful places to go. I think, if you time it so you get most of your day in the water and then can sit back and watch the waves crash on to the rocks, you would find it so too. Waves and cliffs make quite a spectacle and watching the turquoise water creep closer and closer and feeling that breeze on your skin just soothes the soul so much.

The only place you will find this is here. Close by though at Watergate Bay, come the evening time when the crowds have gone there is no other beach I would rather be on. Evening surf at Watergate is something else. In fact it is awesome. There is something about Watergate Bay water that always makes me want to strip out of my wetsuit and brave the cold. Sounds weird but a lot of the time it is clear and the waves are great so you just find yourself desperate to dive in.
This is also a great stretch though and due to its popular hotel and holiday apartments Watergate has become a real holiday beach but it doesn't make a difference to other than it can be busy in the surf and swim areas as even though the beach is hugely long, there is only one area that is life-guarded {its a big enough area}.

Polzeath is my third favourite but to be honest it is a love hate-relationship with this beach. We spent so many happy years here, in fact one year Hugh Grant also holidayed on it with us {true story} but it suddenly burst with popularity and over the years it has definitely changed. Not the people here and running the area but the people who come here. I mean David Cameron holidayed here a few years ago so I kinda suppose that puts it in perspective for you. It has changed a lot and I could really not go back to it but there is a draw of so many happy days spent and it is the easiest beach for parking which is great on rainy days when the car is the camp. We did go back quite a few days of our holiday as it made it easier. It is gorgeous and there is a great cliff walk that you can go off on if you fancied a different view.

A saving grace for Polzeath is the amazing Tubestation cafe and ministry. This is a huge Christian project which made roots in 2006 at Polzeath. It is a converted church which is a cafe, hang out spot, function place, hey, it even has an indoor half pipe for skaters and it is very much like walking into someone's home and being able to just chill there. There are plenty of tables, a wood burner and toys for kids that make wet beach days a little more interesting {and dry}. If you visit Polzeath you must go here!

What I really find with getting down to Cornwall is that you get the opportunity to holiday in such a special way. I am a huge fan of Norfolk and we have had some wonderful family holidays there, in fact I think the dream would be two weeks in each place at the beginning and end of the summer holidays. That would really suit me! There are just so many nice things in both areas but one thing that I really love about Cornwall is the coast line and how it fits into the land. Port Isaac is the most beautiful little village port to get to. If you are a fan of ITV's Doc Martin you will recognise it as most of it is filmed here but that doesn't actually affect the port itself. No tack memorabilia shops here just beautiful fresh fish eateries and gorgeous seaside shops. It is also the home to the band Fisherman's Friends who started in a Birdseye advert and found fame in their sea shanty sounding songs. Well actually there is this gorgeous chapel coffee shop and art gallery where they practise and it all just seems so unbelievably quaint making you just want to pack up and move here. It rained the entire time we visited which was a shame as I really love it there but it didn't detract too much from its beauty.

Another great Port trip I mentioned previously is Padstow. Oh you must go to Padstow if you can as it is so pretty. Last year we stayed near Rock when we just came for the weekend and you can catch a ferry across the water; it is just great fun. Padstow also offers great shops and local quirky things, loads of foodie places too which makes it a great place for a wander around.

I find it hard to write anymore about our holiday. Every day was spent at the beach, bar one {the day the rain didn't stop}. We found that time just disappeared and hours were spent in the water, body boarding on the beach and playing. In fact the whole holiday was just about the beach really and once you got rid of the wet days, the hot days warmed you so much that you almost forgot what rain even felt like. 

I know one thing though, anyone who has ever been to Cornwall loves it. So many agree that it is a beautiful place in the world and that something really special happens when you holiday down there. This part of the country is well worth a visit!

On a side note; I just want to mention our wardrobe and how amazing JOULES is at constantly creating easy pieces for family living. They are my 'go to' especially for holiday clothes that I know need to be practical especially in situations like camping. With their great range of kids sweatshirts and the ability to make easy pull on clothes for kids, I found that our kids lived in their items the entire holiday. Also I want to point out that it was more because they just wore so well that the kids kept pulling the same things on. I came home with more clean washing than ever!! Do check out the JOULES GIRLS and JOULES BOYS sections especially new season stock which I just want to buy all of!! Also for me, what's better than being able to pull on a Breton? Absolutely nothing!!! {Check out the new LADIES range now}.

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