Monday, 14 August 2017

Welcome To My World {YouTube Channel}

It's not everyday I get to share big news on here. It is usually just the constant ongoings of life or sharing what I am wearing and buying, but today I just want to say "I AM ON YOUTUBE"! It's kinda a big deal for me and actually something that I decided, in May, that I would launch by the end of June, but that didn't happen and it has taken until now for me to get it sorted. It's not because I simply didn't get round to it but it is because it is so scary. It is another thing for me to expose myself to. It is another thing to fear judgement from but it is also another place where even in the last 24 hours I have met new people and already talked to people I never had before. What another crazy place to find and form new friendships. 
I think initially it is also scary as all you can see is this horrible numbers games at the forefront of it all and the constant wishing for things to grow. I feel that just getting started is right for now, I have two videos up already and two just needing to be loaded up so that my channel starts with some content that will hopefully interest all my readers. 
In preparation for dedication more time to blogging also, as we head into September I feel that this is a great time to start making the steps to growing the blog and learning about different forms of media to enable me to keep learning and getting better at what I do. 

As a little note, thank you for the constant support; likes and comments that remind me people like to see what I am putting out there; it means so much. 

If you can, please subscribe to my new page {CLICK HERE} and follow along with us more personally.


Time for a change {Daydreaming about a living area FT ideas from WAYFAIR}.

It's four years since we built our extensions. Four years since we got our bargain sofa from ebay and four years since we have even considered changing what we had. I am there now though. Ready for a change and actually, all of a sudden quite desperate for one. 
Having had a toddler and a baby grow up in our space has left its mark. I mean, we have got off lightly, but that is down to white paint and fairy liquid I think. 
With Etta starting school this September and finding that actually the house will stay tidy most of the day {Hoorah} I feel it is a perfect time for a change and a freshen and just putting some bits in place to give me a prettier area. 
Over the years the original pieces have taken a bit of a battering. Our sofa, like anyone's, has had countless abuses thrown at it but it has sustained them well. It is the misshaping cushions and the hard arms where the stuffing has actually flattened that I have a problem with. Also, it is only a two seater and actually all our bottoms are a bit bigger and when it comes to sitting and snuggling, we really are very snuggly! Our arm chair, which has been my favourite chair for a long time, is fraying and has had one too many drinks spilled meaning the turning of the cushion is becoming a bit tricky as both sides are very marked now. It is also grubby and needs reupholstering or just getting rid of. Our coffee table which used to be a dining table is great, bar the stains and paint chips and also the fact that we use it as a table way too often even though the dining table is only 3 metres away from it. NO more. I want a specific coffee table, something a bit fancy, something which doesn't have childhood marked on it, just something a bit nicer. 

I have been thinking about what kind of styles I would like. I know grey needs to be a big feature, I would love a pink sofa but in reality, we are not away from the possibility of stains. We have kids, when they have left home maybe, but for now, a dark colour needs to be had. I also want to use gold, it has become a prominent accessorising colour for us through the downstairs and as we are more open plan I think the continuation of this would be nice. Pink is key also. Our style seems to suit this so whether it is via accessories, I know I want to include a pinky shade. I am also toying with a new rug, we have never had a rug in this area but since having a fire installed last year I started putting sheepskin on the floor to sit on in front of it. I feel a rug might be a nice feature because of this. 
Having an arm chair is a necessity and I do have two. One is going but I don't want to replace it. I want to keep an openness about our space so maybe just a bean bag or puff for the kids might me a good idea. It is so exciting thinking about it all. I also want to get rid of a side table which ends up just housing toys under it. Trying to keep everywhere clear, that's the goal.

My brain just starts ticking and I can't stop looking at ideas. Pinterest is a death trap for all of this. Poor Rob gets overloaded with ideas that change every day but it's nice. I love getting so excited about projects. 
One of my favourite things to do is to search through stores that offer everything. WAYFAIR has been amazing for this. They have an app which I downloaded where you can see their products in your space via a camera function. It is totally perfect. I have been walking around with my ipad and seeing how certain products look. It is a great feature to use. I have even come up with a wish list, well actually it's a more serious want list!! The prices are great and there is a definite ease with using this company. I also love the idea of getting everything from one place, it makes a great shopping experience. 

What would I have? Well I am glad you ask:

{Left to right}RUG 1 / RUG 2 / RUG 3 / RUG 4

{Left to right}SOFA 1 / SOFA 2 / SOFA 3 / SOFA 4

{Left to right}TABLE 1 / TABLE 2 / TABLE 3 / TABLE 4

{Left to right} LAMP 1 / LAMP 2 / LAMP 3 / LAMP 4

And that's just to start: there is so much available and I have so many ideas that it is hard to convey it all into a few pictures. I have lost so many hours to WAYFAIR it has become a bit of a blur in my head but I know I will settle on something and it will look amazing!

* Pictures from Wayfair website

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Back To School FT. Gloverall + GIVEAWAY {Instructions}

It doesn't take long to come round. All those back to school feelings creep up and you realise that unless you get organised NOW you will have to face doing it, last minute on the last weekend of the holidays. Does anybody really want to do that? I know, I hate it anyway and having had the children's name labels arrive in the post yesterday and having picked up the last uniform pieces, I am pretty much done with the whole back to school thing! An evening sipping wine and stamping up their clothes will be probably done in a week or so, so I can at least put the uniform away and I will hopefully be one of those smug ones a few days before we are back at school rubbing my hands with glee and wallowing in my own greatness at getting everything done. OR NOT.
Let's be realistic, I am hoping and praying that this happens. 
Like I said though, I do have everything I need now for the kids to start school with. Luckily, we don't need stationary or even bags as they get them from school and this year I am even at the ready with having their coats for the autumn/winter term. I actually was quite specific in this field. Since Raphael got his first GLOVERALL coat in time for him starting school I felt it was right that Giulietta also had one. And as Raph needed to size up I decided that a pair of DUFFLES would complement the school uniform and home clothes and would be a great investment for the next school year {possibly two}.
I met with Gloverall a couple of years ago for a separate project which enabled me to get Raph's first Duffle and since then it has been my most favourite coat of his. Gloverall classically have a long steeped tradition of working with schools and having their duffle as part of school uniforms. As a child I actually had one as part of our uniform and rediscovering them many years later is actually a really wonderful thing for me. When we first put Raph's coat on him it looked so cute. I mean undeniably cute and so grown up and proper for a school coat. It's thick and warm and he loved doing up the individual toggles; it was just the perfect coat. And school, well, I think they all nearly fainted with the sight of the youngest little pupil {He was the youngest child in the school} walking in, hair parted nicely with this beautifully traditional coat on. Even parents would comment about how much they loved it and it just really suited Raph's character. Two years on, and like I said, Etta had to have one so I actually got Raph a new one too. 
I wanted to share some pictures I took of them. I actually instantly fell in love with these images when I saw them. It was at the beginning of the holidays and seeing them run around together was just so wonderful. We had actually had a really stressful morning prior to this but getting out by Lincoln Cathedral and just going for it was lovely. Even bystanders were stopping and just laughing and watching them. Watching a live advert before them as they were all commenting on how good they looked. It was just one of the great sessions and the proof is in the outcome of the pictures really. So I will let you enjoy.

GLOVERALL offer a range of classic duffles from age 2 - 16. I think they last, size wise, for about 2 years {child dependant} and I feel they are a great investment, especially for school. Raph's has lasted really well and will become a hand-me-down to his younger cousins as it has got plenty of life left in it. I would have used it for Etta but being presented with an opportunity to work with Gloverall again made it possible to replace it.
Anyway, I have forever wanted her to have a red one; something about girls in red coats, the Little Red Riding Hood effect I think!

What's wonderful though is that Gloverall have offered a follower of mine A CHILD'S DUFFLE COAT {from their collection online} also! I know! COMPETITION TIME! All you have to do is get following me on INSTAGRAM and GLOVERALL and watch out for a comp going live on Monday 14th Aug 17. Don't worry, I will remind you!! 

I know that in my experience, Gloverall offer the best of the best and I have been so pleased with the coat we have had I know these new ones will be the perfect coat for this year. British design at its finest and a company with a long standing affiliation with schools and duffles. 

*Thank you Gloverall for the coats. All the views are my own.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Copenhagen #FIVE {Top 10 Things To Do}

Gosh it feels like I have been writing about CPH for an age but I guess when there is so much to get down you just have to split it up. This is my 5th and final post about our trip over there and probably really the most important as I simply want to share with you our top 10 things to do. Nowadays all travel journals have some kind of tick list for things you need to see and having read a few before we left and actually while we were there we felt that even though we saw much more than what is on this list, these were the absolutes I would suggest to people touring. And these you could easily achieve even if you were only there over a weekend. If you want some in depth posts check out #ONE#TWO#THREE and #FOUR but this post is the culmination of our trip and where I would suggest going.

With that all said I also just want to mention Copenhagen Card which is a tourist influenced discount card. This is set at a pay per day kind of rate. You prepay for the amount of days you want and then it covers a range of costs like public transport, museum entries, discounted access, free boat rides, etc. and by the end of the trip we found they were totally worth it. We got a three day one by the way!


This was up there as my favourite place to go. Not only is it beautiful, cultural, full of flowers and entertainment but this is also a theme park {yep, right in the centre of town} and one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been in. Sheepskin throws on sun loungers, live ballet and fairy lights a plenty; this park is a must see!


As far as churches go, I've seen a few but actually none which have made me stare in so much wonder. Not only is this church incredibly peaceful even with tourists but it is truly incredible. From the outside it's huge dome {the biggest in Europe} is seen across the city and from the inside its dark stone teamed with beautiful art across the ceiling and around the alter all forms a truly stunning spectacle that must be seen.


I spoke about this place in a previous post but it made it into our top 10. It's all about food here and it is incredible so you simply must go. Really, we even met a gentleman who had come from Helsinki as a food designer {I might have made that up} as CPH was the place to come for finding amazing food and Paper Island was THE place to go. 
It is actually an island but it is really easy to get to and it gives a great view of the city from the other side of the river. 
It is an amazing abandoned warehouse that has been converted into a huge street food market and offers a huge range of food. If you like eating? Get here!


This list isn't done in any particular order. I found it too hard to order our experiences and make one better than the other. Nyhavn would have been up there in the top though if it was. This was on my personal ticklist; the canal with all the pretty houses? Yep, that is right here and it is beautiful. A picture perfect destination full of boats and eateries and the perfect places to stop for lunch or dinner and really soak up the beautiful atmosphere!


The second church to appear on this list but this one is also worth a visit due to the spectacular views. You climb the 400 steps up the spire, a 90 meter above the ground climb and when you get to the top the views are so worth it. Every step up the old wooden staircase then outside round the spiral are worth it and this was a fantastic thing to do.



If you are going to visit CPH there are certainly things you must do. Taking a trip out to see The Little Mermaid is one of them. This surprised me at how perfect this was. She is so small, just like the size of a child and she is just perfectly sat at the waters edge being looked upon by many tourists all trying to get the perfect selfie with her. Forgetting all of them though you see a character which is so prominent in many of our lives through the recreation by Disney. This statue really is an attraction for the tourists but seriously, you would be a fool if you purposefully missed out on seeing it!



I haven't a link for this one but in Nyhavn there are loads of tour operators offering boat tours around the canals. If you get a Copenhagen card you actually get one included in the price of the card but you must go to that specific vendor. I would highly recommend this to anyone. It was an hour long and done in English but it was a fantastic insight to some of the main parts of the city and seeing it from the water gave you such an amazing view. Even if you don't get the CPH cards you must make sure you do one; a great way to spend an hour in the city.


Now this place was on my personal 'to do' list. I wrote about it more in depth in my #THREE post {Plants & Flowers} but in a nutshell it is a stunning greenhouse home to some fantastic plants within a huge public park. It is beautifully set out and super simple, but a brilliant thing to see right in the heart of the city.


This was our most random stop of the trip. Rob had read about this crazy underground old reservoir which was empty and open for public viewing. It seemed totally random to me but it was something Rob wanted to do so on our last day, with about two hours to spare we hopped on a bus and headed to see them. When we went there was also a huge art installation on but this is an old underground reservoir which used to be a main source to getting water to the city. Now unused it is open and, like I said, have different art exhibitions in them. The one we saw was by SAMBUICHI and called 'The Water'. It was really interesting and he had created a wooden walkway around them. They closed all the drains and allowed water to naturally flow back into the cisterns. There is no real outdoor light and the use of mirrors helps reflect the small amount around the huge space. You walk around with a lantern and really just experience the space. It was quite eerie but ever so clever and even without this installation in would be worth going to see. It is also opposite the zoo so a good area to be in.


So as you would imagine there are some amazing museums and galleries all around CPH. It is hard to pick just one to talk about but I thought I would share The Carlsberg Glyptoteket; the personal collection of statues from Carl Jacobson {Mr Carlsberg}. I think that he basically had so many that he founded the collection and gave it to the city and since then it has been an ever growing collection of art. It is a really beautiful place and the centre of it has a botanical courtyard. The food here is also meant to be top notch, not that we got to try it, but the setting of the restaurant was beautiful. I think both of us enjoyed this one the most. There is something quite amazing about sculpture and the dating of some of the artifacts were ridiculous and I was so pleased to have seen some of the pieces. 

So that's it, my top ten things to do in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. I feel actually quite emotional writing this post; it's almost like I have now finished it all and that means the trip is officially over; I am not ready for it to be. I yearn to be there still and found very much that it truly has become a part of me. The beauty of travel hey.

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